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GainGuard is on a mission to do sports safer and more efficient. Everyone from hobbyists to professionals can get real-time insights on injury prevention and personal progress with previously professional exclusive technology, maximize your workouts with GainGuard

How GainGuard Works


Track the risk of injury in real-time at the muscle level and providing alerts to ensure your safety during training


Tells you what type of workout is best for your condition and goal


Monitors and analyzes your injury recovery, helping you make the best training decisions with minimal risk


Tracks your progress over time, enabling you to adjust your training routine for optimal results


We at GainGuard wanted to end everyone's pain and all the costs regarding sports injuries. Our product evolved from real pain based on personal, family, and friends injuries. So, we developed a group of high-performance sensing wearable and top-tier algorithms to go along with all that complex high-end AI. Join us on our journey to make sport safer than ever!

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Hard Reset - Hardware Startup (Hebrew)

Hard Reset

Meet Tamir Rahamim, the guy who thought (and now leads the project) about how to prevent injuries from us while exercising. Tamir and his team are developing a AI and hardware-based system that checks many parameters during training and warns when there is a real danger of muscle injury.

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The Israeli Startup that will prevent workout injuries before they happen.


Stretched yourself beyond your physical workout and got injured? An innovative Israeli company claims to have found the solution using AI and wearable devices. "Every athlete will suffer from workout injuries, and we realized that's a problem we need to solve," says GainGuard"s Co-Founder & CEO Tamir Rahamim during an interview with Mako.

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The current challenges in the fitness industry revolve around the absence of real-time, continuous monitoring during workouts and the existence of overly complex interfaces for end customers. GainGuard tackles these challenges by offering progress tracking, adequate workout regimens based on preconditions & rehabilitation insights.

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